Sunday, 10 June 2018

New Release!

BEAST Book Covers by Chloe Belle Arts 🎨

BEAST: More than Mated... More than Human 
Author: K Lyn Kennedy

The sexy shifter that belongs to the dark forest waits, naked, for his lover. When they meet, nearby shrubs provide camouflage for their wild coupling. Heavy breathing is like an aphrodisiac to the shifter, husky moans breaking the eerie silence around them. But someone waits and watches, with an evil plan. He wants the shifter’s lover to bear his demon seed.

BEAST: More than Human... This Child of Mine 
Author: K Lyn Kennedy

A child is making its way into the world, a child born from both good and evil, and as the mother writhes in pain, she fears the child inside her is the result of a night she strayed to the home of another man. If the stranger is the man who planted his seed inside of her, she will give birth to a demented creature who will destroy them all. That is the child’s destiny.

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